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Search engine optimization and advertizing services for home builders, construction companies and manufacturers

Boost your construction business with quality SEO services:

Our SEO techniques focus on a continuous ‘on-page’ optimization process that enhances the clearness and usability of a website, and on helping a website build its audience and credibility on the web:

  • Get high relevant rankings
  • Bring the customers to your website
  • Show your products/services in a clear and attractive fashion
  • Build customers trust and loyalty with proffesional information on your website
  • Increase convertion rates and get more leads
  • Earn more

Experienced SEO agency, affordable prices

SEPrism is an experienced SEO agency, based in Israel. Since 2007 we optimize and promote websites in 3 languages – English, Hebrew and Russian, in different countries including the UK and the USA.

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How do we promote your website?

Here are some of the things that we do to bring our clients’ websites to top positions on Google search results:

Keyword research

Keywords research is usually the first and one of the most important actions that one should take when starting a website optimization process. Relevant keywords and phrases not only help you target your SEO efforts, but also become an opportunity to learn more about your customers and define an SEO and marketing strategy as a whole.

Competitive analysis

Know the strengths and weaknesses of your current and potential competitors on the web. Who are they? What keywords are they ranking for? What is their strategy and where or how can we do better.

Building SEO strategy

A web marketing strategy can turn into magic that will take your business to a different level. Together we will define your target audience and focus groups, figure out what their interests are, what information they look for and how your website can provide the solution that they need.

Content optimization

Google’s main goal is to show users the most relevant web pages related to their search query. Quality, unique, natural and well orginized content is the major factor for success promoting a website on Google.

Website code optimisation

Optimizing your website is not just about meta tags and images alt tags, which are very important but are far away from being the only issue to deal with, when it comes to the website code.

There are many crucial code factors that impact your websites’ speed, compatibility, search enging crawling and eventually rankings, that should be checked and taken care of.

Navigation, Web Architecture and Design

Google favors websites that people engage with. Poor design or unclear and complex navigation will make people leave the website quickly as they came, wich may damage your SEO rankings, may have a negative impact on the user experience and as a result will impact convertions on your website.

Website Credibility

Website credibility is all about trust. If your website is trusted, users will be most likely ready to engage, share their personal data or spend their money on products or services that your website offers.

Imroving web credibility involves a variety of subjects to deal with and they should be custom tailored for each and every website.

Web creadibility building includes web design aspects, sharing company information, contacts and staff photos, policies, statements and claims, product information and prices, clients list, case studies and testimonials, message tailoring, maintaining a blog, managing social media accounts, forums and much more.

Measuring SEO

Measuring SEO success has become complex. It involves constant and diverse data tracking and analizing, such as SERP (search engine results pages) tracking, checking traffic volumes from various sources, mesuring conversion rates, users behaviour and many more. We deliver detailed reports on a monthly basis, showing our clients the bottom line, what really interrests them:

  • New rankings on Google – what new keyword rankings on Google have we achieved this month.
  • All of the keywords rankings on Google – Keyword rankings that we have achieved on previous months, with a clear history comparrison.
  • Incoming traffic from organic search – compaired with last month and last year, showing the growth compaired with history.
  • Conversion growth – how many conversions has the website produced this month.
  • And much more.