Professional SEO services for websites in Three languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Hebrew

SEO Activities

The SEO promotion efforts concentrate on enhancing the website’s usability and building credibility. Due to the ongoing changes and innovations in the SEO field, some actions become negligible over time and new techniques are implemented. That is why it is not possible to specify all of the improvements that will be implemented, but they will usually include:

  • Competitive analysis.

  • Keyword research.

  • On page link structure optimization.

  • Code and content optimization.

  • Conversion rate optimization.

  • Blog SEO management.

  • Publishing on known social websites (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

  • Forum SEO management.

  • Routine site-map submissions.

  • Weekly tracking of rankings and progress.

  • Routine website health checkup.

  • Routine SEO code elements implementation.

The process

We start with a keyword research in order to determine the list of keyword phrases that the SEO will target. The initial keyword research excel file is then sent for review and finalized.

After the initial keyword research and over time we will periodically provide the website’s administrator lists of improvements that are needed. Some improvements – structural and code – we can implement directly and therefore a direct access to the website’s interface will allow faster implementation and results are expected to be faster.

On-page content structure and textual phrasing improvements are more likely to be implemented by the website’s manager and/or editors. Therefore these improvements may be directed or advised, discussed and then implemented by the editor according to the SEO instructions.

By the 10th of each we send our clients a detailed SEO report. This report shows our client if and how are the SEO efforts advancing and what is the outcome. The report presents a clear view of the ROI that these efforts are achieving.

One should know that SEO is an ongoing process without any guarantees for results. Therefore the quality of the SEO efforts is measured in time, according to the results (ROI) and achievements. Professional SEO should allow initial results within the first few months and through time a growing ROI.

The competition that we face on Google will notice our presence and will continue improving their efforts in order to compete successfully against us. That is one of the clearest reasons why SEO is an ongoing effort that is needed at all times.