Case Study: RavenDB

Company and business

RavenDB is a unique ACID NoSQL document database system developed by an Israeli based company Hibernating Rhinos Ltd. Hibernating Rhinos provides its products and services in the database infrastructure field worldwide to start ups, large enterprises and small businesses.

SEO case study - RavenDB


How do you get a new client when your product is a NoSQL Document Database? Who is your target audience – management board or developers and programmers? Or maybe both? And how do you approach them with unique and useful information that will build the company’s reputation and make them remember you and come back to you next time they need a solution?

These questions sound like marketing issues, but they are actually a big and important part of the SEO and SEM challenges that SEPrism is facing with the RavenDB project.

The RavenDB website is built on an unique platform and contains a huge amount of informative and technical content. As a part of the search engine optimization process one of the goals was to organize the content into a neat structure, define website architecture to maximize visibility and improve visitor experience.


After months of an on-going SEO effort, that included content and accessibility development, together with code optimization, intensive technical audits and other on-page improvements – the SEO improvement was gradually achieved:

  1. Increased brand awareness.
  2. Strengthened website authority.
  3. Improved search engine rankings.
  4. Increased organic traffic and goal conversions.